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Rentals will only be shown to Individuals that have completed and turned in

Rental Applications.

** All Rentals are rented on a first-come-first-served basis in the order in which completed applications are received **

One unit coming soon at:  238 NW E Street Unit # 4 - upstairs unit, is a unique 1 bedroom (possibly 2), 1 bathroom unit located in the back building just off the alley way.  

Rent is $950.00/month

For Rental Applications,do one of the following: 

1- Click the button on the right, then print out an


2- Stop by the office to pick up an application in person.

3- Email us at the email address below asking for an

     application to be emailed back.

Please note:  All completed applications and relevant supporting documentation must either be mailed, faxed, emailed or dropped off at the office.


Application Procedures: 

1- We will never ask you to send or wire us money for any reason.  We will only collect money/fees in person and provide you

      with a receipt.  

2- We will only show rental units to individuals that have submitted completed applications.  To be considered  

     complete an application must be completely and accurately filled out and have pertinent supporting documents attached.

3- All applications are processed solely on a first-come-first-served basis in the order received.  

4- Only after viewing the rental unit, and if still interested, will applicants need to provide any missing supporting

     documentation and pay the credit/ background check fee of $25.00 per application. 

5-  Unless stated otherwise, security deposits are the same as the rent.  Move-in costs are: First month's rent + Security

     Deposit + Pet Deposit(s) if applicable.  The second month's rent will be prorated according to move-in date. 

6- Tenants will be required to obtain and provide proof of renters insurance within 10 days of signing rental agreements.

7-  Applications are valid for any rental units we manage.  

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